Emergency Contact Numbers of Office of Advocate General and Government Pleaders of High Court of Bombay Appellate Side,Writ Cell.

Shri R.M.Kadam (o)22623779 , 22623088 (R.) 22045197

Government Pleader (Appellate Side Writ

VINAY S. MASURKAR, (0) 22673093 (M.)9869305527

"A" Panel Counsels:

V.P.MALVANKAR 9820058935

A.H.PALEKAR (R)23868377(M) 9869012742

VINAY SONPAL(R) 25246616 (M)9987527752,9820300252

Addl Govt. Pleaders

J.S.PAWAR (R)26368936 (M)9869077406

RAJESH BEHERE 9820287164 (R) 2533 8585 FAX 2533 5350

Suprintedant Desk
Tele 22677694
FAX : 22671464

Assistant Government Pleaders:

C.R.SONAWANE(R) 28574511 (M)9820159778
S.R.NARGOLKAR (M)9821282819
N.P.DESHPANDE(R) 95205440054 (M)9422331154
R.M.PATNE (R)25361882 25478500 , 25445176 (M)9869273807
P.I.KHEMANI(R) 26003554 (M)9867789999
A.P.VANARASE(M) 9819053364
S.S.BHENDE (R)24452388(M) 9820621057
V.S.GOKHALE (R)23869523(M) 9821863615
P.P.KAKADE ( M)9892306669
P.S.CARDOZO(M) 9820302847
MOLINA THAKUR (R)25414109 (M)9820884882

GOVERNMENT PLEADER O.S. Office 22674018 ,22670525

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Your top priority shall be to file affidavit in reply without delay to avoid imposition of costs to be paid personally by responsible officer and avoid exparte reliefs.